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Ald Amaze VPEAK Review

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  1. I actually found your channel trying to figure out how to navigate my SMOK procolor 225 watt mod and just started watching all your videos. I love watching your reviews and learning about diff mods. I never knew there were so many different kinds. This one is actually really cool 👍😊

  2. Great review – been into vaping since 2012 on and off with cigarettes (ego, j150, battlestar 200w, starwolf? 200w, and recently vaporesso tarot mini 🔥🔥 this is my favorite device – (prob cause salt nic is harder). The upkeep is so low, I'm worried about the coils burning, but bought a bottle of 36% salt nic, topped off 1/6th of my 1% tank, and it brought it up perfectly to make (Marlboro ice) cigarettes taste and feel like ass compared to the fruity menthol flavors.

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