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Aspire Atlantis Evo – First Look!

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  1. I picked up one of the extended evo kits from Aspire. I liked the small form factor of the Cleito, but didn't like the coil heads. This kit is more versatile than the Cleito because you can use any other manufactures Atlantis style coil heads with the extended chimney section they provide. I personally like to use the .9 kanthal coils from Vaporesso, great with my C.O.V. Mini Volt. I'm not positive but I'd be willing to bet Cleito coils would fit in the EVO with the extended glass.

  2. I have one of these without the extension, I was wondering how you would change the atomiser for a new one if you have liquid in the tank, as far as I can see if I unscrew the base the liquid will drop out the mouth piece?

  3. Just picked this up, with an eVic VTC dual model I got, used (thank goodness! So much cheaper!), and it works great! Thanks for showing how to use the extension, guys, I was worried I would break it by try to mess around with it

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