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Aspire AVP Review: The BEST pod system… From Aspire.

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  1. I don't like the press to fill mechanism that much. Have been using Renova zero for a while now and it leaks quite often. If it's in the pocket while you're walking. This one seems similar in functioning and deep gaps near the fill point will make it more difficult to clean. Renova zero is still easier to clean at least.

  2. I thought it was a box mod without the tank on there at first. I'm not buying another pod system that has throwaway pods. They're way too unreliable and cost way more than coils. I was going to a vape shop every few days for more pods whereas with coils I can go once every few weeks.

  3. They need to make juul pod type nic salt that would be the game changer, fuck all other pod systems just creating fancy designs does not work! Juul will be winner always till the time they have that nic salt patent

  4. Under $50 I might just have to buy one to try it out. It would be a nice little travel and work vape for me. I currently have the smok devilkin which I’m loving but it can be bulky.

  5. Nope, sorry, Dave, not going to get one. This is just another hack job on what's already out here. JMHO. The most underrated pod system is the eLeaf iCare2. I have 3 of them and I just haven't found any reason to buy anything newer. Not when these get me thru a week of vaping. I even bought 3 other pods/tanks to have a variety. I still use my MVP Pro3 and a couple diff RTA's but I have tried 5 different pod systems and none can beat the iCare2. Again, just my honest opinion! You can do dtl or mtl hits and at 9-12MG Nic it gives a great satisfying hit. I checked, you only did a review on the much older iCare, first pods, and they are a completely different build. Love your channel. Great info and fun skits. Keep 'em coming!!! 🙂

  6. What do you think about the aspire avp. Do you think your going to buy one from me?! Please tell me below in the comments. I must know if your in or out. No pressure.. so.. are you.. uh.. going to buy one?

  7. I thought you'd like to see this video Dave. It's the effects of smoking vs vaping for a month on your throat and lungs. SUPER interesting how huge of a difference! Thank me later.

  8. Hey so like i picked up vaping to quit smoking last month havent touch a smoke since.. winning so far.. started with a smok 22 vape pen.. bt i live in sri lanka and getting the coils for it are a hassle. vaping is not big yet in this part of the world an is a gray area in terms of stuff for sale.. so two weeks back i got myself a geekvape aegis legend and and zeus dual coil rta.. now initially the guy from whom i got the stuff from, gave me some kanthal wire.. its was fine vaping at like 40watts 6mg with 30/70 PG/VG, one fill would last most of the day.. but the taste wasnt that great and stuff.. meantime i ordered some N80 fused clapton alpha braid geekvape coils.. god dayum its amaaaazing, vape it at 75 watts its giving me like orgasms in my mouth.. but now my problem is my damn jucie finishes like in a matter of hours.. like im filling the damn tank 4-5 times is that normal?? im new to vaping and a noob but yes im wicking it right i believe there are no spitbacks, no flooding, no dry hits… amazing flavour n vapour production.. like i took a week of experimenting to figure out what works.. but like the juice consumption is quite worrying.. pls help.. also there are no 12mg eliquid in the country.. n importing stuff into sri lanka is a big pain when its like liquids n stuff
    pls helppppp

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