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Banning vape flavors is pointless.

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  1. I make my own juice using food grade flavours to cut down on cost as I'm on a low income, I also build my own coils for the same reason. I'm of the opinion that banning flavours is just nuts.

  2. THEY are trying to take away our freedom to choose flavor now. WTH. I'm 26 and I just switched from cigarettes to Vaping and I choose flavored ejuice because the harsh taste of cigarettes smoking all those years messed up my tongue. Why wouldn't I choose flavored ejuice over cigarette.

  3. Vaping is under attack like never before now.
    At least President Obama smoked cigs and understood to some degree. We now have a batshit crazy president who’s backed by his dumb ass fans no matter what happens in Washington.

  4. What adult does not like starburst and crem brulee ? Like we eat tobacco and menthol donuts ,, plus why is flavored nicotine gum okay and nic patches ,, oh yea ! Its all about money , not health , as a former 16 year smoker the last thing i want is tobacco and menthol .

  5. Get rid of fruity-flavored booze, then…
    God those fucking pundits were unbearable. Fucking hypocrites; if you can't control your shitty kids, why should I have to suffer for it?

  6. Teenagers like to do things they aren't supposed to. Banning flavors won't make a difference in teen vaping the only thing it will accomplish is prevent more smokers from making the switch to vaping and possibly cause some vapers to return to smoking. Which let's be honest thats the ultimate goal here. The government doesn't care about teens they care about big pharma and big tobacco losing money because they are the ones who line politicians pockets with money to ensure they have some control in lawmaking.

  7. It's all bullshit. I'm a grown-ass man, so no one's gonna tell me fruity flavors are "for kids".

    > they're clearly marketing toward kids. Only kids like fruit. I only eat raw steak

  8. I don't blame you all these companies I blame the fucking parents get involved with your children's lives don't let your fucking smartphone raise your fucking children find out what they're doing who they're hanging out with have a conversation with your fucking child

  9. I Vape in e juice called Frank and vape it tastes like Frankenberry cereal if I had to stop smoking and go to a product that tasted exactly what I wanted to quit why would I have quit smoking in the first place

  10. I'm not going to lie I'm 15 I vape I had a pretty bad childhood so I started smoking when I was like 9 around 10 I would go through a pack a day eventually I went to vaping as a alternative and I didn't Start by using "kid flavors" as the news would put it I only use tobacco flavors but there is no need for a flavor ban teen vaping isn't as big a problem as teen smoking in my personal opinion I feel like the tobacco industry is paying the FDA to put this under fur seeing as when teen smoking was a epidemic nobody even looked into how to stop it but once the tobacco industry could go extinct because of the vape industry I think the tobacco ppl just paid off the FDA in order to make sure that they have a future

  11. Where was all the concern for fucking teenagers when they were getting drunk and smashing their parents car into a walking bridge where was the concern in the sixties and fucking 70s with everybody even their babies at a fucking cigarette and now people don't want cigarettes and people were bitching about flavored E juice kids are always going to get what they want to get their hands on

  12. Man I'd hate to be that guy who thinks when you grow up all you want to eat, drink, or vape etc is bland flavors. Variety is the spice of life that keeps foods, drinks or anything for that matter interesting. A label shouldn't effect how it targets kids either as its still illegal for kids to get. JUUL is a very minimalist design and yet you see kids grabbing those because of the hide ability factor. If you parent you kids right then they should never get to vape in the first place. I work retail and I had these two punk kids TWICE come in a 1st they stole and whole box of CIGARS. Then the second was TOBACCO JUULS. We had strawberry and menthol closer to the door and yet the kids reached for the tobacco flavor BANN IT lol

  13. i think marketing and the looks of the bottle and boxes they come in dont help but it all come down to who is doing what i think part cigarette companies possibly paying lawmakers to do this though i dont know for sure

  14. Because of smoking I always felt tightness in my chest and I was always feeling like I had nausea but after switching to Vaping in just 2 days the tightness in my chest was gone and the nauseated feeling I had went away. Vaping is the best alternative and habit rather than smoking disgusting cigarettes

  15. Its so weird that the left attacks vaping saying "think of the children and it's a gateway to smoking" which is bullshit but it's really weird because that's a right wing conservative talking point in regards to on other things say regarding marijuana etc. its WEIRD that the left has become the anti vaping side. And this is coming from a progressive. You would think it would be right wing in US politics that would be the anti vaping party.

    Also why do they not go after alchohol flavors if they going to lie and say its marketing to children.

  16. I feel more than e-liquid flavours and labelling, it’s the constant media attention that is drawing teens to vaping. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Would teen vaping have become “epidemic” (I don’t believe it has)without media jumping on the fear mongering train? Teens will gravitate towards anything they’re not supposed to do. Think about it – Big Tobacco and Big Pharma are in the business of making money and lots of it. If the number of smokers continues to drastically decline due to switching to vaping, big bucks will continue to be lost not only by those corporations but by governments, through the loss of tax revenue. What better way to solve that than to destroy the vaping industry with “engineered research” ? Institutions, medical research, universities – all get money for grants…they’ll conclude that the colour red is actually blue if it means they get paid big money. The only thing needed is to spread misinformation and quote a few (paid for) theories and one sure fire way of doing that is inflating the numbers regarding teens and vaping. The public will believe any headline that mentions “children”. Media has played right into their hands. Why? Because media, like Big Tobacco and Big Pharma, is all about money. And that is what this is all about. It’s not about the 100’s of 1000’s of lives saved by smokers switching to vaping, it’s about money, money, money. Without all the media hype I’d wager a bet that this so-called teen vaping “epidemic” would pass. Fasten your seatbelts, we’re in for a fight…a long one.

  17. I am teenager and i used to smoke… i started to vape just because of these sweet flavors and now i dont even vape bcs i dont need nicotine anymore…
    I also agree that other kids would just use available flavors or worse they would start smokimg again

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