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Baron RDA By Geek Vape – Coil Placement & Wicking Tutorial – Mike Vapes

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  1. Lets all take a moment to acknowledge Marks shirt on the Vape Team mod…. ANYWAYS, great review Mike, and looks like ill be passing on this as I wait for my Rebirth. Thanks for all your work!

  2. I'd rather get the rebirth RDA honestly, by the looks of it I believe the rebirth has better airflow (more of my style) and much better flavor.. happy vaping 🤘☮💨😈

  3. I do not support elementvape after everyone who used them got their info sold on the black market idc if they knew or not. How am I gonna get my kids Christmas gifts ? Smh

  4. Definitely not my style. I think they should've just made the honeycomb airflow on the barrel, left out the rings, n just have an adjustable top cap, JMO. Anyways…another good review Mike!

  5. Every geekvape i have owned had ultra low quality screws with zero temper! Probably a rockwell hardness of 1. Strip them screws out & goodluck getting them out of the post!

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