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Baton 18650/20700/21700 Kit By Artery Vape!!

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  1. thank you for the review ,Mike ,the coils of the Hive S tank are compatible with Smok baby coils ,so you can replace it with lower resistance coils (any coils that are compatible with smok baby coils )

  2. I don't see sufficient venting really, it shows negative facing down, with the vent holes on the bottom and didn't see any up top where the positive side of the battery is. Don't it mainly vent out the top of the battery?

  3. And also, a sub ohm tank on a mech(unregulated)i never rely on a sub ohms coil on a mech, and thought wasn't something you were supposed to do because of that. But oh well what do I know haha, I enjoy my dead rabbit challenger cap in brass with my admiral mech in brass, no longer need to look for a solid mech

  4. Hey Mike, my first time to your channel. I'm hoping to be in on the contest for one of the 1000 subscribers, to win the Aegis Baby Beast Geek Vapes Mod!!! Thank you for demo; was talking about this Mod & came to your page first. Very Impressive!! I am So excited to hear back if I'm chosen as your LUCKY WINNER! You have a Great Night

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