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Berserker MTL RTA By Vandy Vape And Alex From VapersMD – Build & Wick – Mike Vapes

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  1. There is so much fluff and useless information in these reviews. Example of critical point missed. How does it behave after 3-4 tanks? Does it wick well? Does it scale well with wick degradation and clutter accumulation? The way these reviewers are doing, they prime the cotton then vape… useless. It's like using a dripper for several seconds. How can you even talk about flavor? Also a lot of flavor types must be used. One thing is custard flavors, totally different thing are fruity and a different animal is the tobacco flavor. Also, maybe you want to test how it behaves in long term and chain vaping. 1.6 mm opening and 32 watts… seriously? It will go glowing red after half an hour. What exactly do you gain by watching such videos, aside from a general visual inspection and some random thoughts?

  2. nice review The Berserker MTL RTA. it’s the best MTL vape i have ever tried. it beats my Siren GTA,Cthulhu MTL and even the Kayfun5 with inserts. they did a GREAT JOB!! fore all the MTL’s out there. we needed this RTA!!!

  3. Love to see you go through all the paces from beginning to end.

    Even getting the coil hotspots out and wicking. 🙂
    PS. : question mike.

    I do my comb out way way way more than I see you do and I do that because it's better for wicking

    Can you please show us why you comb out the wick and explain for us newbies why it's so good to do.

    Some of us newbies that I know have no clue why I do it.

    And I bet I over comb it a bit. But it never floods so I have it down pat.

    If you explain it good for us watching on YouTube then I will have good backing to show others.

    We all need the best tasting vape.

    Let's help us newbies please and thankyou

    Have a great day mike.

    Peace Brutha
    Vape on Vape safe. ✌️

  4. Phew took me some supergrippy gloves from work, a big screwdriver instead of the tool and quite some time to untie that shitty lockscrew. Is that normal or was it just some chinese Hulk that assembled my berserker? Hopefully the taste will be worth the hassle…

  5. Great review Mike. As always. Very nice single coil rta but air flow could be better a little bit bigger and wicking dec should be also a little bigger so that you can put your coil easy'er… So overall nice rta ,could be better but its ok. Very very nice review Mike and I must say ,how come you didnt find more subjectives cons , cause there are few as I said,but everybody is different…. So very nice review ,Vape on!!!

  6. Thanks for the video, I never would have figured out the lock working clockwise to loosen. LOL. I like it, but i can taste rubber or something strange, i'll give it more time to break in. The drip tip that comes with it, is puny, i swapped out for a wider drip tip and i like it a lot better. I normally vape 12 mg choc mint but for this i tried 3mg kookie krunch which i use in my subohm. Found myself direct inhaling the beserker which isn't bad, either. you can do that if you want. I recommend it, but wonder what size wire to use when i wind my own coils.

  7. Hands down one of the best mouth to lung atomizers I've tried. Easiest to install coils on, easiest to wick, easiest assembly, solid as a tank, no leaks except a slight gurgle when filling most of the time, even with the air flow closed but like he says in the video, it goes away after a few puffs. I just suck hard and long the first couple of puffs to clear it. Glad I bought it. Quality device for sure.

  8. The Berserker tank is excellent, I looked at the review, put the cotton in correctly, as Alex explained in the review, nothing leaks, a real cigarette puff, put a big camera to increase the tank volume, a very cool tank and worth its money. I am very pleased with the work of the device, I think that there is nothing to find fault with, for someone who is leaking, just work on laying the wool. Many of the best tanks require practice, but after several attempts you will definitely cope with all your difficulties. Even the Siren 2 by 24mm was the first time I had leaked and all because of the incorrect installation of wool, at the second attempt everything fell into place. I think that the tank is excellent and fully satisfies all demands of the cigarette maker. Try it and you will be happy, it's worth it. In my personal opinion, the tank from the major league and many other manufacturers just left behind. CUTTER

  9. Wow! Nice one Mike right up my ally! I am a true MTL. Ok have the same tank for 3 weeks now. The guy in the vape shop built the coil for me he did not use what is inside. Believe 24 gauge he used. I just changed my cotton last night. Great tips on all of this for me you showed everything.. I vape on the Nautilus 2 tank. I just wanted to try a rebuild. So bought this tank. I use 12 nic. I do not get the same throat hit that I get in my nautilus. Why can that be. I use the same juice. It is not a hard hit like my nautilus. Also I use the next hole from the smallest . I just noticed on my mod when you said what your resistance was and vaping at 32 watts? I am confused why is my shwoing a 1.15 resistance? I am vaping at 13 it gets to warm for me above that… So something must be wrong? What should I do? Thanks for your help. Been watching you for years now…

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