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Best Tanks & Devices of 2018 – Mike Vapes

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  1. We have gone to the point that all the reviewers have to make it very clear that its their favourites of the year so if someone has a different favourites, theres no reason to get upset etc. 😂 What the fuck is happening to this world..
    Thanks for sharing your picks for the 2018. Nice and short video 👍🏾

  2. Mike, I subohm vape, and my personal favorite is the Vapergate Doolee. The cleito120 coils are hands down the longest lasting and best flavor. The resin bubble glass makes it 10ml capacity, all day vaping, sitting on the Aegis Legend… just my fav.. what's your thoughts?

  3. I from malaysia but the juggerknot rta dont have at my country,at shoopee and lazada still dont have..
    I want to buy juggerknot rta..but maybe not available at my country..hmmm..

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