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Buster Dna250 Triple 18650 By Yoko Vape – Mike Vapes

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  1. Thanks for the look at the Busters. The battery door on the Dna250 does not seem like a big deal to me. With balanced 2A charging, after installing the batteries I wouldn't be opening the thing again until the batteries had to be replaced. I actually only buy products now that can be internally charged. Thumbs up for me.

  2. I haven't had much luck with the triple battery mods but maybe this is different. If you do give one away I would like to try it and see if I have better luck with the triple battery mod. Thank you for your time to make these reviews, I watch them all before buying products. VAPE ON……i WOULD BE A FIRST TIME WINNER.

  3. Mike, I see most Mods that do Temp control have titanium; So far, I haven't found much info on it, & i was wondering if it's worth trying to figure it out. i've found a couple of places that sell Titanium coils, but……

  4. Mike you should've compared it to the triple cell boxer mod by ginger vapes. I did, and the buster is a few centimeters taller, the boxers rear comes out a little farther though. But they're both shaped the same.

  5. I just got my trx 167 and it doesn't work with escribe software, I checked the instructions and they say it charges the batteries and can be used as a pass-through device but they say nothing about software updates or escribe at all. Kind of sucks.

  6. Wish in these reviews, the real cons were listed. What am I talking about! The battery compartment on this particular mod in this review. It has the same cheap plastic as the Wismec, mods and many other triple 18650 mods. Point! Those trays break and really quick for some people. Worse is that these companies none, will warrenty any of them, Not even to the vape shop owners that often times sell their products. Your local vape shop that you may have purchased you item from, may take back the defective devise ( so long as it falls into their particular warranty zone), but they often eat that devise, since these funded Chinese companies are under no legal obligation ( since they are not held to the same laws as say those put in place in Europe or the United States) to stand by their warranty of lies. There are countless writes across the net about these trays breaking (some on the very first day of owning one). I happen to own 4 wismec mods with the same type of battery trays and while none broke on the first day, all have cracked and or broken. When a person spends hard earned money upwards and over $80.00usd, they don't expect to have to become a mod repair man a month after they get something. These Chinese companies, pumping out these vape devises, are funded by both big businesses and consumers out side of their country. Make no mistake! It's not the Chinese people getting it all. They get a percentage yes! but they are following plans and design put together in other nations like the U.S. A., Europe, etc. by large corporations that have moved their labor to thsse other countries. They build cheap with cheap materials and no one seems to care. They use cheap plastic parts then screw steel screws into them ( Smoktech Alien comes to mind) and then when the mod is heated up even to 60w and gets that plastic hot, it fatigues the plastic… which breaks. The only way I can think of to counter this silliness, is for us, the vaping community, to stop buying cheap items. And it is imperative that reviewers start adding in these factual truths too in their reviews. While I appreciate reviewers on a certain level. I don't think many really put in the truths about things. This is but one truth I type of here, that out of 15 reviewers I recently watched on this devise, I never heard this mentioned once. It is also why some people are saying things against them in their posts. Things like; "this reviewer isn't worth anything". Things like: "They are in it for the freebees and what monies they can get and really don't care about the truth, whole truth and nothing but the truth about things". This mod has a few cons, but the biggest cons are the plastic battery tray and steel screws screwed into the plastic next to the hottest part of the mod on the upper plates. The dna 200 and 250 are exceptional chips indeed and over the past couple of years ( building my own mods using these chips) I have found Evolv a great company as far as warranty and service. But the chip isn't the devise. It's just a component in these mod devises. I wish more consumers would put monetary pressure on these companies. But the only way to do that, is to not purchase the pretty shinny thing pushed out in front of you, made by a company that cares nothing about standing behind their products. Which sadly is the majority of them.

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