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Button Junkie e-Liquid Review Premium e-Juice from the UK

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  1. I just bought crack panda today. Boy oh boy does it taste and feel good. Problem is that I've filled my endura t18 tank up three times today. The high vg will have me going through 15 ml in less than three days. Now it being so expensive, being a premium juice, it's a deals breaker for me.

    What's your thoughts on this?

  2. Been vamping the vulture punch for a few days and I'm lovin it. Just about to go buy some more as its so moreish and the 15ml bottles don't last me that long lol. Love the reviews and you also hot which is an added bonus xx

  3. Zophie please won't you just come to the UK then;p Absolutly love your videos and you <3 If I had ideal type for a women… it would be you 😉 Keep doing your thing Zophie, love yaa!

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