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Coilart Mage 217 Review 18650/21700 W/ Mage Mesh Sub Ohm Tank – Mike Vapes

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  1. Appreciate another honest review! Not a bad device. Really like the tank.See the next time Mike. Thank you! 😍😆🎯🙄💞 Oh! Loving the xPriv Mini! Got some @WendyVapes Queen Royal Mojito right now in it. Thank you for the prize! Keep em coming! 💞😎🙄🙄🤘🎯😍

  2. Hi Mike

    Please could you tell me, at 1:17 in your video, what is that on the centre/top of the chimney?

    Is it an part of the tank but a different colour or an o-ring which sits on top? If it is an o-ring, is it secure?

    Thank You 😊

  3. I really like this kit but now I'm worried about battery rattle and turning it off/on and batter install if it always asks if new. Going to have to think about it some. Thanks for a great review.

  4. Thanks for sharing the review, Mike.
    The battery options are nice, and the tank seems to perform well.
    I hope they can solve that new coil/old coil issue with firmware updates maybe?

  5. I heard ppl r saying this mage sub ohm is the falcon killer which was the best flavor sub ohm tank! So now i wanna try it out lol thanks so much mikey!!! Can anyone tell me what PCB TEMP MEANS tho?

  6. Man I totally agree with that I wish they would make all these larger size mods to at least take a 30 mil cake like my aromatizer Plus without overhang you're going to make it that big make it just a little bit bigger if you have to

  7. The door doesn’t bother me, nor does the battery rattle as both can be fixed – yes #MikeVapes, I agree It shouldn’t be up to us to correct issues that are ‘built in’ to the mod, but in my opinion the Pros definitely outweigh the Cons! I LOVE that it takes all 3 battery sizes! That’s a huge plus for me. With the black tank and the black mod, almost all matchy-matchy (you need a matching drip tip to finish it all off #MikeVapes style) – I just wish the frosted plastic was frosted glass because it looks excellent!! Overall, especially for the price on #Coilart’s website, the pros definitely outweigh the cons!! I will definitely recommend it to anyone looking to buy a new mod/kit!!

  8. Mike…
    Im looking to upgrade to a dual 21700 mod.
    Currently have a Reuleaux rx300 (which decided to go haywire recently), and my triple 18650 Reuleaux rx200 (which I dropped in the toilet and still works perfectly).

    Thinking of these dual 21700 mods…CoilArt Mage 217, GeekVape Blade, Wismec Reuleaux RX2 21700.

    Battery life is a necessity. I vape around 65-75w and plan on using Samsung 40T 21700 cells.

    Can you give me a recommendation?


  9. Hello Mike. Greetings from Greece, Today i just got it from a small vape market in my hometown, its very very hard to find it in greece , so about the kit its awesome and its very small mod for double battery and in the hand check its nice, about vaping production its has very nice airflow.

  10. Thinkin' bout gettin' one of these. Dude…you would not BELIEVE the shit luck I been havin' with mods.

    Don't get me wrong, appreciate the FUG out if it. But that OBS Bat you were kind enough to send? D.O.A. … Total brick D.O.A. Been lovin' the Cylon, never abuse it. Nothin' but VTC5A's and VTC6's. Really never even vape over 80-75. Screen goes on me.

    So I get the last of my SSI back checks. All went out to CC's we'd been usin' to get by till I got approved. I won't go through the list as to why/how I'm disabled. As boring for you to hear as deppressing for me to tell, lol.

    I get this Thinkvape Thor. Same chip as their expensive ones, cool graphics, fires super fast and Thinkvape's got a good rep; from what I know at least. Oh, and it was also only 35 bucks with 8% off for China Day (which is about what they Coilart, just the mod, is goin' for now: $38).

    Two weeks after I get it my wife wakes me in the middle if the night all frantic, I'm smellin' black smoke like the damn house is on fire, and there it is–my brand fkn new mod ghost firing over and over. Attomizer glowing white hot. Couldn't believe it.

    Then the place is telling me they need video of it and I'm telling them I don't wanna risk burning down my friggin' house to get video if this damn thing (if you go on my vids on here it's nothin' but vids to these idiots having to show them how stuff isn't workin'.

    Unfknbelievable, really. I know people with old stuff they've had for years. They laugh how all the paints off but they keep goin' like a fright train. I wish there was a reviewer that reviewed longevity as well, like car and driver and whatnot. Almost everything's great right out of the box. How many people drive a new Mustang off the lot and think, "what a POS!" Catch 'em 6 years later and what's gone wrong. I mean, not a Mustang, per se, but you get the idea. I'm just frustrated. Wife got me a shitload of DIY stuff (I make some kick-ass juice, pennies on the dollar) got two Aquetas for FIVE bucks a piece, and gonna have nothin' to put 'em on, lol.

    Aaaaah, I miss workin'. Did good too. HS dropout worked of the streets to an honors degree if U if Miami. Was writing got the Herald and owned a cellphone store on the side. Now I make peanut shells. Do the right thing, set an example for the step kids and get married, and I get about a third of what I would've gotten. Who in the world can live off 236 a month??? Really though. Rather they just send me a gun a feed a damned tree. I'm just in a mood man (a common one, but a mood, don't mind me. Sorry to blather all over your comments). Happy Holidays dude. God bless.

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