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Eleaf istick 30 watt review

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  1. That same setup is getting to my house around noon via usps.  So close and yet so far!  Glad I looked online because what would have cost me $95 dollars plus tax at my local shop was $61.40 shipped to my door.  I'll probly pick up a 50 watt Istick sometime in the future but this set up should do me just fine for a while

  2. i just bought the 30 watt today at eleafus.com with charger adapter tax and shipping 44 bucks total…Cant go wrong!  lol   dont have a tank yet cause i dont know what to buy..if i should go sub ohm or 1 or 2 ohm coils since ive never used anything like this..

  3. I purchased Eleaf I stick 30 end of May. Bottom screws keep loosening and I keep having to tighten them but I am not going to catch it in time before they fall out. I paid $60 for mine and the vape is great but they are not well made. I know 2 others that have the same problem. One has lost screws and has had to tape on bottom. I will not purchase another by eleaf.

  4. The first day I got this mod,I would press the fire button then sometimes it fired on its own and I started freaking out pressing all the buttons to make it stop then I turned down the voltage and it stopped firing. I looked at the manual and it said to hold the 2 buttons to unlock it but I'm scared itll happen again. There is an autofire mode on it but have you ever had this issue?

  5. Y'all keep billowing clouds like that like you are crackheads and cant get enough. Hope your livers hold up. How come most vaper users I see have dark eye circles and look sleepy.

  6. For the people in the uk i it mines from eBay il post the link below,
    Been using this for about 1 months now and I can't be more pleased this thing had blown my mind away In terms of vamping power and reliability bought mines from a vendor on eBay fairly cheap, definite giving his product a 10/10 in terms of power and reliability would recommend this product to others can't be more happier 😉


  7. I purchased the eleaf 30w today and am using the kangertech subtank 2 with it. I'm using it on 8.0w but sometimes it feels quite harsh. Am I doing something wrong? or could it be that the juice I'm using is not good or does it just take some getting used to? Any advice on settings etc is more than appreciated.

  8. had one of these it fried itself in 2 weeks took it apart to find it
    dosent have enough cooling inside the heatsink in mine looked like it
    was stuck on with some kind of sealant and the display kept jumping all
    over the place. total junk if you ask me i took mine outside with a
    hammer and put the little fucker down.

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