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Exceed D22C Starter Kit By Joyetech – Giveaway – Mike Vapes

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  1. I know someone that would love that mod… Me! Former two pack a day smoker that quit for ten years. Then I managed to fall back into cigarettes again. Stupid I know. But here I am looking to get off of them for good!

  2. This would be a perfect kit for my wife so she can quit smoking once and for all! Thanks for the chance to win this. It would be cool for her to get a nice shiny present from Santa Vapes. 🎅

  3. Mike you know who would benefit from this mod my dad he's 62 years old he's been smoking since he was 23 you do the math & I'm really worried for his health so if I win the giveaway this mod will be used a lot I can guarantee that exceed D22C starter kit would be a great kit to get him off of cigarettes because boy let me tell you it's been taking me ages & it's still taking me ages to make him quit smoking & try a better alternative because I think what my dad is addictive to is him inhaling some type of tobacco & plus that action & I gotta tell you one thing I was a formal smoker too if I wouldn't have found vapeing I think I would still be smoking till this day & I would be still be killing my health & myself

  4. I quite like this mod as it’s a nice size for my little hands lol I love the silver colour it looks very classy. I have been smoke free for 6 weeks today and couldn’t of done it without Vaping. Awesome review as usual Mike 👍🏻

  5. Me and my husband were watching this review. I'm the only one who currently vapes in the house, but he gave me a nice nudge to have me enter this giveaway once he seen the stainless one lol So this one would go to him if I were to win.

  6. I have a manager where I work that constantly borrows my vape because there is no tobacco use on site. So if I were to win I think I would give it to him or keep it for myself and give him my old one. Guess we will see

  7. Mike it would be great for me to win one of your mods for myself ,I smoke 4 packs a day. and I bought a vape that turned out to be a leaker and burner so I hope this nice joyetech will soon help me quit . Thank you 😉

  8. This looks cool. Looks simple, straightforward the only thing is the different types of coils you would have to buy and for someone who knows nothing about mods, coils, tanks and whatnot would get a bit confused so u wished they just had one type of coils

  9. I'm currently using the joyetech ego aio box mod and it works good for a mtl device but i would like a sub ohming device as well. This looks like a great kit for that or even a back up mtl set up! Would love to win this!

  10. Got this fucking thing today. Not a single vape without ejuice down my throat. Nothing will unscrew easily. Ejuice all over me and my house taking it apart, struggling for an hour. Want to throw it against the wall. If I were a lesser person, I would already have a new pack of cigarettes in my hands. So pissed off right now.

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