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Geek Vape Aegis Solo 100w Kit

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  1. Hi mike…i agree with u. I love aegis much (i have original version and mini) they build good looking mod and good quality too. But when i see solo im lill bit sad, why make the same looking again..it be come boaring not because its a bad device but cos its just look like the same device…

  2. Hey Mike! Thanks for your review Im really excited about this mod! Im an mtl vaper and Im only using 18650 batteries so this mod is going to be perfect for me, I always carry my vape in my pocket so small size and small weight is important for me and im happy they didnt make it 2×700 compatible

  3. The best compact single battery mod hands down is the Vaporesso Amour pro. Takes 18650, 20700 and 21700 batteries. 100w and so compact… throw a Falcon king tank on top with the new m1+ coil and you have a sleek set up.

  4. Great review as usual Mike ! Mods nice. checks off a number of boxes build fit and finish is standard Aegis. A case could be made for 21700's but 18650 is still the predominant battery out there.The tank … meh … too many RDAs and RDTAs out there offering so much better performance and options, so for me the tank is a throw away, maybe as a kit for someone getting into this or someone stepping up a bit but not so much for a long time vaper I'm thinking.

  5. I have the aegis mini 80w and the aegis legend 200w and I just preordered the solo. I've been vaping since 2013 and have been through a few mods and these are by far the best that I've tried. I'm all for durability and I cringe a lot less when I drop my aegis. I've broken many tanks but the mod seems indestructible. The aegis mini is great but the battery doesn't last very long at high wattage and it's a pain in the ass to have to worry about having to plug it in to charge it. The aegis legend is a beast of a mod and it's great but it's too big and really heavy. The solo will be just right. I like single battery mods for the fact that I can change the battery whenever I want. The aegis legend feels like a brick in my hand and I don't vape over 100 watts anyway so it only serves its purpose for battery life. The mini is the perfect size but I vape at 70-80 watts and it only lasts about 3 hours. For anyone that hasn't tried an aegis mod and vapes 100w or less this is the one to get. Comes out at the end of April. For anyone who vapes 40-50w or less I would just get the mini but if you're like me and vape closer to 100w get the solo. Regardless you won't be disappointed with any aegis mod.

  6. Why would they come up witht this when i just bought the mini 🤦🏻‍♂️ on the downside, they should've gone 21700. With 18650 100w it's just 20 more watts than the mini, I dont get it. If you are going to make a single at least 21700

  7. The Fourth Generation Of Aegis Family😍I Only Have The Aegis 100 Watt And Aegis Legend.About Two Weeks Ago,I Bought The Aegis Legend Again To Be My Collection.I’m Gonna Save My Money To Buy All Of The Aegis Generation After This😂I Really Love All The @geekvape Products!!!Thanks For The Review @mikevapes👍Thumb Ups👌

  8. Great review Mike thanks. I've been looking for a new 18650 device for a while since my Reuleaux started playing up. I like the look of these devices,had been thinking of the original aegis but can't find one anywhere that will ship to Ireland,would prefer the original aegis but this one may be my only option. Cheers.

  9. great review dude; i like this mod!i got an ass load of 2X700 batteries but i like single 18650 mods better b/c for their size, a 2,600 mAh 30 amp battery does fine – i mean, the 2X700's are just bulkier & i've got several single battery mods that take all 3 sizes but i find that they mostly last & perform very closely in the end; in my hybrid tube tho, the 20700 is better.

  10. Some people wanting 2×700….
    Geekvape made aegis 100w, which is 2×700 compatible. Now they made a smaller version with 18650 only. Both mod have same chip, so why complain??? Just buy what you need.

  11. I just got the new aegis legend jade edition, and I love its look, and feel in hand, but I am concerned it is less durable, but I can't find any durability tests on this edition, which feels less durable than my leather clad regular aegis. Please do a test for me.

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