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Geek Vape Zeus Dual Coil RTA – My Favorite Dual Coil RTA? – Build & Wick – Mike Vapes

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  1. So if I used a coily to cut the tails off my coils, what length would it be? I know you've been adding that to some of your newer reviews, but what would you say for this older one?

  2. by the way: if anyone’s getting the dreaded gurgle: grab a paper towel, turn the tank upside down & give it a few quick shakes, then wipe the tank off. It hits just fine after that.

  3. So I'm looking at a combo of the aegis 100 and that Zeus tank. What are you vaping it at? I'm coming from a 2 18650 set up so I'm sure it'll be less on the Aegis but then it occurred to me that it doesn't have to be high watts if I build low resistance. That's why the question. Long time watcher. You're one of my good to guys for reviews. Great video.

  4. Made the same mistake as I did with the engine 2. Combed the wicks out too much. Spit back city! But im glad I got this tank, flavours great its top airflow all the way for me now. Great tutorial as always 👍

  5. Thanks so much for this video, Mike. I bought this RTA at a local vape shop and let the clerk do the build and all i had were burned hits. When i saw how you did the wicking, i did it exactly the way you showed and i am happy with it and no more dry hits. The bubble glass was perfect as i'm a lazy dripper so i always wanted a tank with an ample amount of liquid capacity. Zeus single and dual RTAs are the best in my opinion, so thanks GeekVape!

  6. Hey Mike Vapes! I would really like to thank you after watching your intro/tutorial with zeus dual. I'm stocked with the flavor, and airflow of mine. I adapted your wicking tech and man it blows me away! A big thanks to you buddy, more power and continue with your reviews! Hope to meet you soon in person so that i can thank you personally man! Kudos! 👊

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