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  1. Mike I got one and love it!! I just wonder why when I put in a .36 fused clapton in it it comes out reading a .46 no matter what I do, I tried all other coils in different ohms and it never reads right. dont know what I am doing wrong and all I have are rebuildables but it still reads the wrong ohms. The coil dont touch the screws or anything it is tightened down and still reads wrong.

  2. Hey, Mike Vandy Vapes is Killing it this year, aren't they? I do like the Looks of that RTA. I sure wish that the 528 Goon V1.5 had those spring loaded type clamps. I just bought one that was on sale for $29.99, a good deal but had a Hell of a time getting my coils in, I first pre-cut them thinking that I wouldn't have a hard time cutting the extra lengths off, but when I did that I couldn't get the two cut coils to stay still enough for me to tighten them down, then I did what you did and put them in not cut and finally got them screwed down, but I still had a hard time cutting the leads off, actually just took some needle nose pliers and kept twisting them until the leads broke off.

  3. Too much airflow – that is not a Con. You can adjust it. It is a non-issue. A con would be the side-airflow not making good contact with your coils.

    Terrible review. You may as well have just opened the box and told us what you see.

  4. The black piece in the tank is intended for the european market.
    It's the Tpd-version of this tank but I've seen it on other tanks as well.
    Boggles the mind that VandyVape would send this version to a U.S reviewer, but it seemed easy enough to remove;)

  5. when I stoped smoking, my 1st tank was a serpent mini and was pretty happy with it, then got the kyllin v2 and could not go back to the serpent mini, much more flavour, much more airflow, but always leaked a bit in the bottom, anyway I understood that I liked a lot of airflow so I got the Govad and I must say its my daily tank even now with the manta, reload clone, serpent smm etc, the govad never leaks you can fill it up with the airflow wide open, and the juice control wide open never leaks, and ez pz to build on, the flavour is a bit less then the mantareloadkyllin, but uses less juice and never leaks, only tank I have with 0 leaks, cons with the govad is that I feel it could wick better, need to change the cotton more often then with other tanks, but when I´m working I fill the tank with all stuff open drop the juice and no leaks, no oily hands etc.

  6. Mike

    Sorry, but why in the review of the product you do not say that this tank has leakage problems at the base … and that no matter how you target the cotton in a thousand different ways always have leaks …

  7. i have the avocado 22 witch i LOVE and now … i want the ammit single … or the govad …. but dear lord people on both of em half the people say they leak like hell and half of em say they do not leak at all …. witch one is it ???

  8. The way the tpd works is if the packaged product will only hold 2ml then it's legal It then doesn't matter if there is any removable parts or in which case the kylin adaptability such as larger glass pieces but they test extended metal parts

  9. My govad top clamp cracked she tightening on the coil. Vandy vape won't warranty it even though I bought it from a brick and mortar. I had all the proper receipts, authenticity code and everything. Great flavor tank….awful customer service.

  10. this is my everyday tank.. its a fantastic tank.. actually replaced my pharaoh RTA.. can put some serious coils in there and it keeps up easy.. has an issue where of you dont wick it right it will leak a little .. or not wick fast enough.. but then.. that is a common issue with all RTAs..

  11. what's the point of saying the airflow is a con if it's adjustable? adjustable to your preference and it's worth a complaint? you would prefer it's non-adjustable?

  12. I know this is an old video but for anyone having trouble with wicking or are new to rta's, always cut your cotton a little short so it's not touching the bottom of the wicking channels. Leave a mm or two and your rta will wick much better.

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