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IJOY Captain X3 324W 20700 TC Vape Kit 9000mAh Review

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  1. Mine lasted 3 weeks. Battery door soft metal clips that hold the door closed wore away. Would have to pay shipping to get it replaced and the new one would still have the bogus door latch.

  2. I've had the captin x3 tank for over a month. It is a like of leaky crap. Messy top slide fill. Loose mouth piece, and poor bottom design gets stuck often so keep a needle nose handy to scratch up your new tank that you just paid money for. Oh well, it'll be coverd by the juice that it hemorrhages. Don't buy!

  3. So at this moment you can read many negative experiences on the internet, and yeah they are right, the quality of this beauty is terrible.. for first its the perfect mod with some small issues, but after 2-3 weeks it is starting to malfunctioning, writing nonaccuraty battery life, inaccurate ohm's or even worse, " no automizer " – like i have tried 3 tanks ( one of it is the captain x3 tank ) with other mods all of them working, for me right now its not working on the original mod… ( it writes 9 OHM and no automizer ) – so yeah, its really cheap ( 66 dollar for the kit? ) but yeah… its cheap because its working for about a month than trash.

  4. I like how you edited out the 30 minutes it took for you to close the battery door. No way that closed on the first try without breaking off one or both of the back plastic tabs.

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