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Innokin Coolfire IV TC-18650 75W with iSub V & Travel Vape Kit Review

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  1. Sub'd !  I've watched a few of your vids because I'm looking to change out my RTV4 since I go through sooo much juice – 30ml a day at least!  Great reviews btw!

  2. I agree with your comments about this tank being just OK, that is until you fit their clapton coils which give it great flavour. It's like going from a volkwagen to a ferrari…

  3. I've been using the Innokin .5Ω coils for a while now, and I've been pretty happy with them. That said, you've tried a ton more coils and claim that these are middle of the road. What are some of your favorites then (for flavor, primarily).

  4. So much new stuff coming out daily. I honestly don't know how you can possibly keep up but you do. It must be EPIC going to your mailbox every day. Who doesn't love opening boxes. PEACE OUT

  5. is it possible to set watts on temp mode …like on hunter ….and is it same chip (atheon) (i belive it is) on bouth device…if it is it must be maybe possible….please somebody answer me

  6. I bought the innokin cool fire 4 plus n it was a dud so I took it back n traded it for the tc18650 n didn't get my receipt back bc he gave me a deal on it so it was great for a week for some reason the base started wiggling and the tank is crooked inside also and now it's shorting and constantly reading a dead battery when I fire it again it works! The coils are terrible too… Dry hits after 2 days n I don't vape it 24/7 also haven't dropped it and the hinge for taking the battery out won't pop back in now… 🙁 sadly I wasted money n they won't take it back despite being a loyal customer .. I won't buy another innokin product and I won't go back to that shop 🙁

  7. i just bought this Tc-18650, as my standard CoolFire 4 blew up, and got annoyed with the long charge times when battery was flat..
    Liking the replaceable battery design 😀

  8. What's the average lifespan of these coils? Would it be better to purchase a tank with rebuildable coil and easily replaceable cotton wick? I've dabbled with an Aspire tank but the coils only last a few days despite keeping a full tank. Using 50/50 to 60/40 PG/VG liquid.

  9. Thank you for your fine video. I feel the same way about their coils, they DO suck. Burnt from day 1. Replaced with the 2nd, hoping for better results. Nay babes. Otherwise, a pleasant kit. I suggest a Wotofo Serpent Sub or a Vaporesso Estoc (with the quality, smaller replaceable coils). As for batteries, Samsung/Panasonic 3400 mh. They are IDENTICAL. My pleasure!

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