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Innokin Cortex 80 Watt Temperature Control iSub S Review

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  1. Hiya Zophie… Loving your reviews, keep it up babe 👍😍

    Btw does this mod have temp control for ss coils? And does the isub s tank work with standard ss coils in watt/volts mode with cortex (may be a silly question lol)? Would appreciate some feedback… Thanx fellow vapers 😙

  2. The only coils worth buying for this tank are the Clapton coils they work great. That being said the rba for this tank is totally shit if you look down the hole where the coil goes in the juice hole in the rba does not line up with the square hole in the tank so you will get really bad dry hits. The only way I could get round this was to file the hole in the rba so it did line up. I think this rba is a real fuck up which is a shame as the rba was the reason I bought it in the first place. This was my first inokin product unfortunately for inokin it will be my last. I'm not rich so it gets up my nose when someone makes rubbish I could of designed better myself

  3. iv got this product and none of the coils included work for me. It makes me cough at the minimum wattage/temperature.
    Which one do you think is the best coil? If i buy a titanium one, will it be any better?

  4. when your dad is showing videos on vapes, finding details etc, then you realize the women of your dreams ahh dare to dream i guess, will watch your video you are simply amazing. On a non-bais related opinion i think your videos are highly educational, slightly opinionated toward you and not company's which makes your channel a must see, because you get to skip the bullshit and just get to the specs hehe thank you angel of awesomeness for your help in Vaping ( be it simple facts to hard knowledge for example experiences and possible future interactions 🙂 take it as a gain of salt i am just 1 person who will subscribe and follow haha and i dont even vape, i might idk yet but with more knowledge and various other mods i will eventually pick 1 🙂

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