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IPV Eclipse 200w Mod Using The YiHi SX420 Chip – Giveaway – Mike Vapes

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  1. Its not a sticker…. every time you said sticker it made me cringe at your stupidity. Its clearly a thick vinyl type material. Just because its glued on doesn't make it a sticker. Not to mention all your so cold cons were nit picky as fuck, and should not make any of not buy this just because of these terrible nit picks. Also why are you comparing these two mods so much? like really they have nothing to do with eachother other then sharing the company that made the chip that powers it.

  2. Been looking at this one and 4 others as my new one so glad to see ur review..nice if does what all it says..looking at gtrs vboy also like know what u think for something 200 or less…like to have a squonk also..maybe lost vape 250..need to win something to give wife so she will stop the cigs …my rx200s chokes her to death unless I need something different learning a lot from u…really like the screen on this one ,settings seem easy enough. Thanks for showing

  3. My ipv 3LI went dead yesterday, so I put in a purchase for this mod. I had the SMOK mod but that died after the 510 pin came loose 6 months after I purchased it. The IPV lasted 2 years.

    Then today I tried the IPV 3LI and it was back alive again. So now I will have two IPV mods. Can’t wait to try this device. Don’t care about the looks, just reliability. Will not be buying any other mods for a while only trust IPV for now.

  4. I think I like it. Has a good look to it, definitely nice price difference for basically same chip set, like that it actually has a fire bar! More companies need to do this! Smoktech is the main user of dire bar's and Hey it works great

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