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  1. hello, i know im a bit late to the video, but when do i know my coil needs to be replaced, i mean when i take a hit (im using nicotine flavour) it tickles and burn my throat just a lil bit, does that mean i need to replace a coil or what? cuz it also did when i first tried it

  2. Ti Kanis re maga….I'm just guessing you're a Greek from NY by the accent and how you speak haha….Great videos bud, i just purchased this joyetech eGo AIO…I used to smoke marlboro reds and i'm curious what set up i need to get that same hit feeling…..right now i bought 0.6% nicotine with a 70/30 VG/PG….i'm more or less new to this all so any info helps!!…Thanks my good man!

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