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Joyetech Ego AIO Pro – First Look!

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  1. I have used this AIO Pro and a word of caution! The 0.6 ohm coils do not work well with this kit, spit back like crazy. I tried 4 different 0.6ohm coils and get the same results. The 0.5ohm coil works great with occasional Spit back and gurgling. All are authentic from Joyetech. You will get massive cloud production from the 0.5ohm coils and stay away from the 0.6ohm coils. All in All I do not recommend this kit.

  2. Not worth it. They spit no matter which coil you use. Lung hits get the drip tip super hot. It was given as a gift and I'm trying to stop smoking but as a former weed smoker i can thug hit easier. This thing is not working out. My kanger subvod cuts off during my hits but they don't taste super warm and have never burned my lips.

  3. use thicker juices (with more VG) to avoid spitbacks and such. also, be careful with the nicotine content in juices, because this device is very powerful and produces a big throat hit even with 0mg juices. i have had this device for 2 months now and i can say that it works for me and made me stop smoking. i don't recommend joyetech devices at all, but this one is fine, if you get to know how to take care of it.

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