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Joyetech Ultimo – Best Tank?!

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  1. Im not getting any leaking… What I am getting is that with the ceramic coil it gets ridiculousy hot… And thats at 40 watts… Only after a couple hits too…i dont know how you are vaping it at 60 watts…

  2. I have an issue with the wicking after every hit sometimes if i hit like 3 times in a row i would get a dry hit. I can see air bubbles infront of the juice slots and i have to do priming pulls. Has this happened to you and is there another solution?

  3. Bought this and the RBA deck to match. Tried the Clapton first, flavour and vapour both good but a bit thirsty on juice and power. Set up the RBA base and found both flavour and vapour just as good as the Clapton but using less juice and power. Unfortunately there are 2 cons to this tank:1) unless you wick the RBA perfectly it can leak through the airflow quite badly, and yes I did close the airflow first. Its OK on the first fill with a new wick but subsequent fills can be messy unless you get just the right amount of cotton.2) after one week of using the RBA base the contact ring in the bottom of the airflow broke. The RBA base has a small "foot" at the base of one post so all the pressure of screwing the base in is on a small portion of the contact ring. I was putting mine together and heard a crack – when I looked in the base a quarter of the ring had broken out. Luckily still works as there was a turn left on the thread but I guess its only a matter of time before the rest breaks!

  4. It Leaks!!!! Like a sive. I have never had a tank where I filled it three times, only halfway, e and in 15 minutes, the tank is empty. Changed all the O rings, after changing coils, I filled it for a 4th time, and the tank was empty in 20 minutes. Epic fail. again Joyetech…

  5. Leaking or not…. The ceramic coils r useless unless one wants to burn their lips crisp…. Even with claptons at 50watt it gets super hot while chain vaping…. Guys hold off even though the flav is very good… It just gets too bloody hot

  6. The cermic coil can't even handle 80VG/20PG over 40 Watts.
    I am allready trough 3 Coils that can't wick right.

    I am very dissapointed from all the youtuber that don't mention that this is the case and only 50- or 60VG will work correctly.

  7. Airflow closed and turned it upsidedown after refill closed and opened airflow again. it didn’t leak anymore. Not really a fix for the leaking issue but it works for me.

  8. absolute worst tank ever. broke 3 times in different parts and this time cant be repaired because they dont sell the fucking base, I repeat the base is not for retail you need to buy a whole tank if the base is broken, that part where there is the air flow

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