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Kangertech Nebox vs. Aspire Plato – Final Thoughts/Review

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  1. I love both of these devices but I luuuurve my nebox lol. Good review! I did want to point out that the tank in the nebox is a medical grade plastic so it's not as bad as the older plastic tanks as far as "tank cracker" juices go. My adv's rotate between a lemon vape and a strawberry vape and I haven't experienced any cracking, fogging or degradation. I also bought the mint green one so it was in a later wave of releases and after the leaking issues were addressed so I haven't experienced any of that. I love this review though!

  2. Hmm doesnt seem like you guys really did your research on these mods at all. You say the Nebox doesnt have airflow meanwhie it does. Its on the very bottom of the battery cap,it has 2 brass tabs that you can push around with a small screwdriver. I got even more airflow out of mine by taking one of the tabs and overlapping it ontop of the other one so it just creates one tab, = more airflow. You also said the Plato has better flavor, when this is wrong as well. Have you seen or tried the new Kanger Ceramic coils they just recently released a little over a month ago and then put them in the Nebox? http://www.myvaporstore.com/Kangertech-Ceramic-Coils-SSOCC-p/krst-al.htm. The flavor on them and vapor production are the best ive tried to date,killing the CCcell coils. They have 3 wicking holes now and are much bigger, as well as the coil diameter. Having these things not mentioned makes your Final Thoughts irrelevant.

  3. Single battery, small tank, difficultly cleaning, and a very complicated method for changing coils and juice, why would anyone want to spend there money on the Aspire Plato .

  4. seriously the cupti is way better than both of these and leak proof yes I said leak proof better flavor build batt life pretty much cupti beats them both in every category

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