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Kangertech Nebox vs. Aspire Plato – First Look!

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  1. Love this comparison. I've been looking at both of these devices and wanted to see them go head to head. I don't know Alex (she seems cool, tho), but Dave has been a tremendous resource to me as a frequent visitor to the downtown DashVapes location. He (and the rest of the staff) have given me honest and helpful insight since day one and if it wasn't for them I'd probably still be smoking cigarettes.
    Shoutouts all around DashVapes!
    Can't wait to see the follow up.

  2. Nicely done Dave & Alex! Can't wait to see your final verdicts. They both look like great stealthy vape kits and I hadn't given Aspire products much thought in the past, but the look is clean. I also like the fact the Kanger comes with the rebuildable base…

  3. Do NOT buy the Nebox it sucks! Day 1 I had leak issues now the damn thing won't even work I just keep seeing a small blinking number next to the Watts this has to be the biggest wast of money I've ever drop on a vape box

  4. I have had every mod there is! Lol.. I currently own 2 Nebox and have been using for 10 months.. The Nebox is simpler.. The Plato is badass but a lot to it.. I like both. 😊

  5. I say the Plato is brill I have One myself and it suits all my needs for an ecig and the fact that it comes with 2 different coils aswell and as me being a girly girl mine is pink and reminds me of a purse lol but it's great 🙂

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