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My First Zamplebox! / Special Video / My Mod has a Plumbus

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  1. That is sad that is what I got like 3 of them last box and it's almost 2018.. they send me stuff I have on my dislike list.. So I'm going to have to cancel next month. I always say one more month lol but I don't wanna waste anymore money

  2. There's supposed to be a menu in there that each juice, the description of the flavor and the PG VG ratio? It's pretty big and it's folded so you open it like a menu in a restaurant? Did you not get one? girl you were seriously into that first Vape even if you did not like the citrus. LOL I wish I could hire you to build decks for me! I'm handicapped and I can't do it! I'm going to know if there's some kind of a service that they can help disabled Vapors by building decks are there setting up coils for them that have the cotton already in it at a discounted price? Cuz thanks tastes so much better when they're Vape that way!

  3. I will tell you what zophie we no I would love to see more content like this you playing games on steam have you ever played Minecraft… But same setup you vaping and I don't want the setup to change but dang really really great video…

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