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New York is BANNING FLAVORS?! | What this means.

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  1. As a vape shop employee I always suggest to new vapers, that if you want to get off the smokes completely then they should go with fruity or confectionary flavors as opposed to tobacco flavors. This way there is no temptation at all to just have a smoke because they “taste the same”.

  2. Being a recent resident to New York, It bothers me that a lot of local vape shops will be seeing a decrease in sales. Which would lead to going out of business. Just being at my local vape shop, I notice that a lot of fellow vapors are more likely to vape flavored juices than tobacco flavored. I myself enjoy fruity or dessert flavored juices. Hopefully, the petitions that have been going around and the emails/calls to our local reps will make them rethink this. I too have mentioned the flavored alcohol. Its fine right?

  3. So Comments made about new York loosing money because cigarettes are taxed and if more people quit they will loose money. But isn't E-cigarette juice taxed in some states because of sales tax?

  4. People will start making their own juice or just buying off the internet it will hurt the local little shops. But I don't think it will hurt the industry that much.

  5. I just love when adults tell other adults that they can only vape tobacco or flavorless. Since what year in age can you not enjoy flavors!??! We all have flavor preferences, same as food. Should we have flavorless food because kids are getting obese? and the glazed donuts vodka too. Kids will try to get thier hands on anything. Its up to the parents to guide thier kids to not vape or smoke in the first place or at least intill they are of age. I work at a retail store and I just had a pair of kids steal a TOBACCO BLU and 5 JUUL kits with TOBACCO. There was flavored ones right next to it if that tells you something. I really hope this does not pass

  6. One way to crash in economy is today cool way something that brings in so much revenue cigarettes tobacco tax crash my government get it I’ll send my money to China any day

  7. I am of the belief that kids who start vaping would just as easily have started smoking if vaping wasn't a thing. Having flavored e-juice would most likely attract kids to vaping instead of smoking which should be a big plus in anyone's book. The argument that vaping is a gateway to smoking (yes have actually heard this) is just stupid, which kid in their right mind would go from vaping a blueberry/raspberry shortcake to smoking tobacco? It just seems like big tobacco has their claws way to deep in the US gov.

  8. I love when he says that when he smells cigarette smoke now, it makes him sick. I was a 20-year smoker and I have been vaping for 41/2 months now (not one cigarette in that time), and walking through a waft of cigarette smoke IS suddenly gross to me now. The biggest paradigm shift I had was when I started to be able to smell smokers even when they weren't smoking. They smell disgusting to me now, and I am HORRIFIED that I walked around for 20 years smelling like that! How embarrassing! It really doesn't take long after you quit analogs and start vaping to get that shift into cigarettes smelling gross. Maybe 2-3 months.
    And now I think to myself when smelling a smoker 'don't even WASTE your $ on expensive perfumes and colognes because it is the equivalent of spraying air freshener in the bathroom after you take a poop. The bathroom just smells like flowery poop. Same principle with smokers wearing perfume/cologne. Don't waste your money as a good quality perfume/cologne will cost you a few hundred. Even the cheaper ones 'eau de toilette' cost around $100. And you will just smell like flowery stale smoke 😀

  9. Sounds like Philip Morris and them's got the government in their pockets. They do away with all the flavors and everybody goes back to smoking and Philip Morris gets everybody back to the way it was. Just my opinion 😊

  10. Good arguments! Why these legislators love to mess with vapers? (Legislators wants us to smoke, cause they get more money from taxes and work together with tobacco and Pharma industry making money all together from us and don’t want to loose that revenue) Good point about why they don’t ban all the alcohol fruit flavor liquor, like vodkas, margarita mixes, etc? And all the drinks you can make with alcohol like margaritas, cape cod, blah, blah.? And alcohol when consumed in excess, cause immediate impairment with bad instant consequences, that sometimes can be fatal and what about junk, sugar loaded, chemicals, additives loaded food? That also can cause cancer, obesity and diabetes. Also we should tell them to stop classifying vaping and as tobacco products. This is so dumb, cause all the vaping industry doesn’t use tobacco at all!…legislators are so idiots. San Francisco looks terrible and full of drugs (supposed to be banned and ilegal, but lots of people use them, duh) trash, needles and homeless, they should be concerned about it, instead of messing with adult vapers! Where is the freedom and personal choices left? USA land of the freedom? Just impose ID verification and age control. That’s it. Easy…stop treating vapers as killers or drug addicts please.

  11. As a someone who adapted e cigarettes and then vaping from almost the beginning, I can say so many of my friends are almost shocked that I vape when they find out… I’m 65 years old… “I thought you quit smoking” … not even knowing I’ve been vaping for years… so many people have no idea what vaping is… and many don’t want to know… Anyway, I would be in favor of getting e cigarettes, vape products, actual tobacco products out of gas stations etc… selling only in stores that specialize… the vape shops I frequent are very proactive. No minors allowed… checking IDs …. I think one of the things hurting vaping is the kids you see on the streets sucking on Juuls etc. … it scares the “public” … my young niece started vaping this year when she went off to college… I actually wish she wouldn’t ..but at least she didn’t start smoking…. she was only vaguely aware that I vaped… as I’m very not in your face about it.

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