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OBS Engine 25mm RTA Review

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  1. Sophie thx so much for sorting through the OBS Engine and the Kylin RTA's you did recently.  I have purchased the Kylin and just ordered the OBS engine from Fast Tech again thx

  2. Great review. & hahaha you have a boner for the coil guy/gal lol. Buying this tank as I'm tired of leaking on my taifun gt3 (was not an improvement over my gt). Thanks for the review

  3. Hi thanx for the video. I need advice please. Im using my OBS rta with a Smok G-Priv 2…what is the recommended settings on the temperature, or how do you know what to set it at? And i presume you use 65w, but not sure about the tempt. Please help

  4. Thanks for the honest review we need more people to like u that really help the vapin community not people that r sell outs(ripp) trying make us Wast money on shit tanks

  5. Ok somebody help!! I just bought this tank, I'm about a year into vaping and I was using the prince tank, and LOVED IT. But it leaked like crazy, the coils are expensive, and I had heard the engine is superior in flavor. I find that to be utter bullspit at this point. My friend who has had this tank and has been vaping for 3 years set this thing up for me, built my coils for me, and set the cotton in the deck….but there is almost no flavor and the cloud prodiction is complete garbage. I want this tank to work. I'm trying to get off cigs and the prince was getting me there with flavor and cloud production, but this engine is just heart breakingly bad. How do I make it better?

  6. Had no spit backs only problem I have is the fact it drinks liquid real fast, I’m quite young and was smoking for two years till age 15 then I got an ecig upgraded to an obs and a Eisner predator I can’t stop using it it’s unreal

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