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Orion Killa? Orchidvape Orchid Pod Vape Review

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  1. Nice review Mike… Although it looks like a clone of the Orion.. IT looks like there is going to be a bit of competitive manufacturing on the boil this year. 2019 is going to be a good year when it comes to vape gear IMO… Thanks for reviewing it for us Brother..🤘

  2. I have the Orion q. I think what kills it for me is 1, the battery life is terrible, about two or three hours vaping. 2, not rebuildable (you can but it's a pita)
    This one looks to be more of the same. If they made it bigger, doubled the battery life and made an inset rebuildable deck it would be a great mod/system.
    One more criticism, The drip tip is too short, gets too hot too fast. I imagine this one is no better.

  3. I love these pods i have the orion q and the zeltu I'm pleased there making more this style they vape great with salts and look like a spys walki talkie haha stylish and grown up looking
    When will they give us a rebuildable one

  4. Smok Trinity alpha… Now THATS an Orion clone lol

    This thing is cool tho.. waiting for someone to make a rebuildable tank for the Orion . Buying pods makes my soul hurt

  5. my orion dna is great this is a copied design i like it though it looks nice i may have to grab this one because i love my orion but i got a feeling the price point will be a lil on the high side with this ps

  6. U know me…not a big fan of pods, but the looks of the devices are good. Like that it has a display n is adjustable. The only thing I wish they would have made the coils interchangeable. It would've been EVEN better if they made the battery interchangeable too. All that aside…great review Mike!

  7. So say you order the gold and white, and then you order replacement pods. Can you order replacement pods to match the device, or do the drip tip and fill port come off?

  8. Looks like they tried too hard to make it look “high end” with the Chanel and LV “style” prints and their cheap gold paint job look. It just comes off as gawdy!

  9. Looks nice.. As long as the pods are solid.. Orion with the shitty pods that break and crack vape on them to hard.. The Nautlius aio has been treating me much better..

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