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Review, Comparison Innokin Cool Fire Plus 70w Box Mod, iSub Apex & iSub

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  1. I finally bought the Apex tank based on this and many other rave reviews. First thing I noticed, the mouthpiece airflow is gone. The glass driptip still has the holes but the neck and steel tip are both solid. The picture on the packaging clearly shows the airflow holes. So did the picture on their website. So I wrote to them. They said yeah we changed it, this is better. Ok so if its better wouldn't you tell the world? Wouldn't you rename it, change the packaging, update your website? After my email they updated the website.

    Upgrading a product's specifications is not the issue. Misleading packaging and false advertising is. So I don't like Innokin, feel they're dishonest and they never did offer me a solution.

    Oh and the tank. Great flavour. Ridiculous flavour. Can't really see juice level so its hard to fill without overflowing. Window fogs up. Lower O ring very loose and wants to fall off. Machined edges (airflow slots and window surround) sharp to the touch. And its a bitch to clean if you ever want to switch flavour.

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