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Sigelei Shikra & Chronus Kit Comparison & Review

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  1. The companies making these mods are getting more and more like car companies with the mods being basically identical but with more options…which you have to pay for. Want the nicer wheels, they only come with the $2k pkg that has a lot of things you don't want/need. This mod, with that fire button controlling settings as well, is just asking for it, no round robin means someone didn't do their homework, how hard can it be for them to find you Zophie and actually watch and learn. I liked the look of the one with all the extras though.
    PS, Don't know if you've ever heard of Crystal Canyon Vapes out in AZ, but they use all kosher ingredients and don't create your liquid until you order it. Always a 30% – 35% off online coupon or sometimes a free 15ml. bottle of whatever juice you like, 15 – 60 mls come in glass bottles with glass droppers in bubble wrap bags, two fixes in one! Anything above that is in plastic bottles as are the 5ml sample bottles, lots of great flavors with quite a range of nic and VG/PG ratios too. Thanks for your reviews, I always come here to check out what you have to say since you are very thorough, even if the instructions don't tell you/us much as usual. 🐾🐺🐾🐺

  2. Thanks on the review. That Shikra sure does make a statement with that design. There's bling, and then there's this. Yeah, the Cronos looks like the better of the two options from a style perspective.

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