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Sigelei TOP 1 230W TC Vape Kit Review

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  1. Just picked on up today as I gave my back up mod to my daughter after she managed to brake her Gen 3 I gave her for Christmas 🎄 been using it since lunch time so far been a good vape and feels good in the hand 🤚 so thanks for doing the review

  2. I have a couple questions about the Top 1, that I'm waiting to be delivered. I ordered it directly from Sigelei, and asked them what battery would be best for it. They only said that I needed a 40 amp battery. The only 40 amp 18650 battery I could find was the Sony VTC5A. When I asked Sigelei if that battery would be sufficient, they couldn't say, go figure! Can anyone tell me if that battery is ok for the Top 1? In one of Zophie's reviews, maybe even this one, she said that her favorite battery is this Sony VTC5A. I ordered the Top 1 RDA kit, which was required to get the more expensive black and gold mod. Reviews on the tank kit were not real good, so I went with the RDA, which I figured I could practice building coils on, while I learn more about Ohm's Law. I decided, after hearing the great reviews about, to get the FreeMax FireLuke Mesh Tank to put on the Top 1. I've been using for the past few months the Aspire Breeze and the Breeze 2, which I'll continue to use until I completely understand Ohm's Law and I feel safe to operate Top 1; I don't want to blow it up in my face. Please feel free to give me any advice or tips you have to vape correct;y and safely with this device. Thanks, Happy Vaping!!!

  3. Does the paint come of this mod? I am ao sick of buying mods that have paint work that flake off after two weeks. The only mod I have that has lasted more than a month, without any kind of flaking, has been the Rev-Tech nitro. Im trying to buy another one, but they are pretty much sold off across Australia. So Im looking for a backup alternative. Any experiences with this one would be appreciated. Ive just thrown out 4 Wismec Reauleauxs on of which was a DNA and two Smok-techs, I have one last smok tech that has nothing but bare metal. So any help would be appreciated, i need a backup to my Rev-Tech Nitro.

  4. DO NOT BUY THIS MOD! It's slick, has a ton of great features, ergonomically sound; it looks like a Ferrari, and makes other mods look like minivans. Then what's the problem? They designed this slick mod, and the battery door won't stay close. The lockup for the battery door is a joke, you set the mod down on a hard surface, and half the time or better, the damn door pops open; you pick up the mod, door pops open, batteries on the floor. It becomes a game for every time you pick up the mod, "lol, gotta pick up the batteries first!" It infuriates me that they go to the effort of doing everything else top notch, but they don't do something as simple as engineering a positive secure battery door lock up. I don't care how slick the rest is, I don't care if I'm vaping unicorn farts, if you can't handle something that simple, it's not worth buying.

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