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SMOK H-Priv 2 225W TC Vape Kit with Big Baby Prince TFV12 Sub Ohm Tank / Review

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  1. I got this as my first mod and tank today and my first impression as a new vaper is this thing is amazing. For one it feels nice to hold and the button is nice and clicky. The mod has a good weight and fits in my teeny tiny hands. I made a few beginner mistakes. That being getting e liquid all over me and my desk, but it's nicotine free and after about 12 hours no ill health effects have shown. Just making my house smell like strawberries. I also forgot to set the watts so I had no idea why my vape wasnt well vaping. Until I remembered this video.
    I love being able to set the watts, testing what works for me, and adjusting as needed.
    My only problem is I like to turn the mod on while queing for Overwatch matches and when I get into a game the long turn off time can get in the way when you don't want your main picked before you. I could leave it on, but I don't wanna waste my batteries. I wish it was five clicks off. I honestly like the simple menu and screen, I find it's easy to move around and it doesn't feel super fancy and battery draining.

    This video was very informative and helped me a lot in choosing my first mod. Thanks for this!

  2. Has anyone had problems with the Hpriv 2 not turning on? I just ordered my new kit, popped the batteries in and no power. I've tried every battery I own.. now all of my batteries are at least a year old and starting to get rough. Think it's an old battery issue or a mod issue?
    Appreciate any help.

  3. Yes,yes ….. you are so right ….. the coils do get that burnt taste within days …. I do have a couple smok and this seems to happens with the coils !!!however I do not own a prism !!!! Thank you 😊 for you reviews …..

  4. God shit kit. Dont even include fucking batteries. They don’t even tell which batteries we should buy. Bow I have to wait fucking 2 more weeks because they can’t even include for shit. God I hate Smok.

  5. Ooo first time seeing you, I like you! so chill and relaxed~ and you helped me purchase this kit, went with rainbow prism! SOOO PREETTTTYY!
    Also I love that hair of yours, so pretty as well >.<
    I'm stuck with just straight long black hair.

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