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Smok KOOPOR Beast Kit 80w TC Vape Kit Review / Brit Beast Tank

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  1. I had that problem with my Uwell. It was falling apart and got juice all over my Aster 😭 I figured out it was because the threading needed to be oiled. I just used a bit of olive oil on a qtip and greased er up. It comes undone quite nicely now 😊

  2. Two thumbs up Zophie for the honest review. My colleague and I had this before and we were disappointed because both of our tanks were leaking even with the tight fit of the parts. We had to replace our tanks with a Baby Beast tank to make use of the mod. It was fine but after two weeks, we switched to the Alien which is way much better. Merry Christmas!

  3. thanks Z! smart and fun way to utilize the goodbye!! you can go backward in the menu options as well on the smok chipset; once in menu hit down button and power option is there.

  4. Thanks Zophie. So refreshing to see a review that doesn't say "This is awesome!!" Hopefully you won't be punished. In fact the manufacturers should praise your honesty…

  5. I own a store and I personnaly like the filling of the Brit way more than the one from the Babybeast, also the fact it's 1cm smaller while containing 0.5ml more. Sure you can't replace the coil whenever you want just like on most Aspire products by now but anyway it's not like if you'd be replacing the coil everyday or that you'd cry if you'd loose 0.5ml of brown juice cause anyway your coil is due to be changed so the liquid left over won't be worth reusing.

    I didn't had also any issue with the magnet, nor did the customers to who I sold the kit. I find the price excellent and the whole thing to be much better than the Alien Kit with its super cheap paint that wears off within a week just from looking at it, and why you'd want a 220W mod that's bigger just to run a tank that can't be ran over 80W, it's kind of pointless and cost quite more as well so it's a waste.

    Ur right though that if the persons overtight the drip tip then it can unscrew slightly the coil and cause a leak but then it's his problem.

  6. I totally agree with every detail of this review. I've been using this model for about a week. The flavor and smoke are fantastic, however this is not travel friendly. The tank leaks through the air flow vents constantly, the battery door falls off, and trying to turn the thing off takes a few steps. I guess I will be using this "at home" only. I hope they come out with one that gives this much flavor but improve on the durability and leaking.

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