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SMOK Osub One Vape Kit Review

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  1. I got this one yesterday and ended up returning it. I ended up getting a different one because it kept malfunctioning. I kept getting liquid in my mouth when I tried to vape. Loved the white with gold color :/

  2. hey zophie would you happen to have an extra squonk box that you do not use and is collecting dust that you might want to sell me at a good price I can pay shipping

  3. hi, i just bought this in Amsterdam. I have never vaped before so I asked the seller to teach me how to. He opened the whole tank (where it says just screw off the top) and he insists its the way to do it. 1 hour later it says "check atomizer" and doesn't work at all. what do I do? am I screwed? thanks for your reply.

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