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SMOK TRINITY ALPHA VAPE / Replace Coils not Pods

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  2. Quick question for anyone I'm new to vaping I've done it before but I've never owned one and I'm looking to buy one any suggestions and how much would I need for everything including the juice?

  3. Hi Zophie, I love your channel….Your introduction cracked me up 😆… When you said “Hellooooo welcome to the shoooow, I’m Zophie” in a Ghostly 👻 👻 👻 / spooky tone. Hahaha

  4. How’s the coil life? I currently have a breeze 2 and the coils aren’t lasting very long unfortunately. I’ve tried a couple different juices in It aswell. Zophie or anybody else have any recommendations for a small vape that’s good for nic salts that uses coils rather than a pod

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