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SvoeMesto Kayfun Prime – One of the best MTL tanks. Ever.

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  1. I found out having the K5 that is pretty much for every guy out there that wants restrictiveness of a MTL and also tons of air input and different kinds of setups in coils. So far SS316L suits me better out of anything I've tried (having DNA chips). The prime is like a better version of K5. So having already that one I couldn't afford a prime.. But for a guy that thinks as me (said all the above) I definatelly recomend that. If I was not in a hurry to purchase a Kayfun early 17 and known Svoemesto's plans I surelly would have waited for that one.
    Nice video and review!

  2. Awsome video! Was confuse at first is this an apple commercial? Damn so proffesional ! Keep reviewing vape product as of like this 🖒🖒🖒🖒Please do a skyline rta review too Really love your video especialy for a mtl tank that is not alot out there

  3. You got a day and a half worth of constant use on this atty without refilling the tank??? This particular model sucks in more juice than the V5 due to the fact that the juice flow control ports are much larger in diameter how the Hell did you pull this one off ?? Unless you're senile and only took a couple of drags there's no way you can even get 8 hours worth on 2ml dude….

  4. I own 2 genuine Kayfuns Prime: a regular one in stainless steel and a special edition nite DLC + PEI tank + more accessories. More than 400€ in total. Best tank ever.

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