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Texas man dies from exploding vape | What happened?..

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  1. Not the first time someone has been injured or died from a mech mod I feel as though mechs should require some type of safety license in order for the adverage customer to buy due to the fact it’s less likely for the to happen with a regulated mod

  2. Everybody keeps saying battery safety most ppl probably don't know what this means for mechanical mods #1 no rips tears in your battery WRAP which can cause a short #2 building your OHMS to low draws more amps than the battery can output.in both of the aforementioned = BOOM EXPLOSION/BATTERY VENTING with that said please be safe, I love vaping and think it has helped a whole lot of people stop smoking

  3. can you make a video about mechmods for begginers i really want to get into mechanical vapes because i tred my friends vgod pro mech 2 and i really liked it but i dont know what to do when it comes to mechmods so i woulld be really happy if you could make a video about it

  4. Well they were both at fault unfortunately it cost him his life. He should've done more research before diving into the world of mechs, and the shop shouldn't have sold him that setup. It's equivalent to giving some newly licensed driver a Bugatti.

  5. the mech type he used mustve been a metal cylinder.. those are prone to short circuits specialy if the batt is unwrapped already and the user is not too neat when it comes to juice spills..

  6. This is one place were our government really fails us. Most of us here subscribe to forums and YouTube to get information about safety on our devices. But a surprising number of people who vape do not. Yet the FDA instead of putting out official literature on simple things like battery safety that can be distributed through Vape Shops instead has even gone farther and put Gag orders on these Shops and employees which I personally find criminal. We have Huge nicotine danger stickers on our juice bottles ( even if 0 nic) but ( from what I was told by my shop owner) Shops cannot legally discuss the danger of misuse of a Mech Mod which probably led to the unfortunate death of this young man. So many industries have FDA Guidlines that help that industry and Protect consumers. Instead we get a mishmash of unclear regulations and threats and told to shut up . Thank goodness for the internet and freedom of speech or this industry would see a lot more of this type of tragedy.

  7. ANY vape explosion could easily be avoided with little knowledge and Lots of safety. My heart goes out to the family and loved ones, and my mind says thank you so much for making the vape community look bad by using a mech mod and not knowing enough about it.

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