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Think Vape Sailboat – SX Mini on a budget?

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  1. Hey this might help the flicker on the didplay idk what you have your shutter speed at but you should prob go down to thirty or below for b role, below thirty should be fine for slow pans

  2. The one I use is the Uwell Nunchaku pocketed size. Guaranteed no drip or leaks. The mod is a little questionable but I love it. I highly recommend it for the reliable Vapor.

  3. I don't think Think Vape thought this one through. The Sailboat is top heavy and will fall over just by looking at it. This isn't an RDA friendly mod with a single 18650 unless you use Sony VCT5A or 6A and carry an extra and build really high. Plus I hate tented screens! I guess everyone in China has 20/20 vision. I wouldn't give this mod a second look. Just overpriced garbage. That's just my opinion.

  4. I think the Aegus Mini is a really good mod, it’s smaller than the Aegus legend (obviously) and it delivers really good cloud production, plus its got a beautiful inhale and exhale (in my opinion). I would fully recommend this for people that want something that’s not clunky, easy to use on the go and still delivers a really strong production rate. I picked it up for roughly $85 (that’s for the kit) juice is separate costs of course.

  5. I dropped mine 5x over the last 3 month. But this mod is really durable even when the screen chipped out when it dropped from a meter high table into ceramic floor. However it is broken now. Totally regret the way they design the mod because i believe it is a good starter for people like me who just start vaping. Like the video said, it is reliable. In indonesia it priced around 3 $. Worth every penny.

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