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Trump introduces $100 million vaping fee…

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  1. Hahahahaha!! This is such a cash grab it’s not even funny!! Obviously Trump sees an opportunity here or this would not be a thing. Big Tobacco is shitting there pants right now because of the vape industry and this is proof!!

  2. That is such crap why tax something that has been helping more the hurting vaping helped me stop smoking i was a 2 pack a day smoker for over 25 years and my doctor was happy to hear that i had went to vaping and stopped smoking so if a doctor is appoving vaping, then why do so many people want to tax it and say its bad?

  3. When i started vaping it was expensive.. Now the laws in Finland make liquids (with nicotine) almost 100 times more expensive. But still even not thinking about the price to worst thing is the image of vaping. Heath organizations and government pushing vaping and smoking in same box and claiming vaping is as harmful is the biggest issue. I bet smoking would decline in UK(because of the NHS stand on vaping) even if the prices where higher.

  4. raising the SIN tax on tobacco never stopped a single teen from smoking. What it did do is turn a lot of teens and poor adult smokers into malnourished people because the used the food budget to pay the added cost of the tax. Or they just stole the smokes.
    This is not a user fee it is a TAX on vapors and when the harmful effects start to show years down the road they will raise the tax again to try to cover the hospital cost of treating them.
    Blatant money grab for the FDA is all this is.
    If you see a teen vaping punch them in the face and take their vape before they ruin it for every body AGAIN.
    But it is the only way we will keep teens from vaping and smoking if they want to use tobacco.

  5. Lets see…Trump is involved so HELL YES ITS A MONEY GRAB. Hell he sits and lines his pockets with revenue about the "Wall" when he said he would pay for it himself. the dude is a scammer like most who have any power.

  6. when was the last time that any country did something for humanity. Thats all BS !!! they only look their own profit! always have and always will do so!!! to hell with humanitarian bs! thats my answer to your Question.

  7. I left america long ago looking for a less fascist place to live in SE Asia. So, I buy my things online, mostly from Asia. Trump just opened up a new market for other countries.

  8. I think you are overlooking some key issues here. We all agree that teens shouldn't be vaping, but we can't just reject it as something bad and hope it goes away. We have already learned from the alcohol and tobacco industry that self regulation only goes so far, and very rarely serves the public interest. This is why we have Surgeon General warnings, PSAs, school programs, and community programs to educate the public about the dangers of smoking, drinking, and drugs. The money for these programs comes entirely from taxes. So, we agree that teens shouldn't vape and that we have to do something about it, we understand that awareness and education programs serve an important purpose, and are entirely funded by tax dollars. So I ask you….what is the issue? Things like this are a natural and healthy progression of an industry that has gone unregulated for years, and is getting larger and larger all the time. The vaping industry is worth BILLIONS of dollars and simply cannot be ignored any longer.

  9. Shit back in my days in middle school through high school smoking flavored cig was the shit teens will allways smoke or vape somthing i perfer them to vape then smoke !

  10. I personally have not seen a price 'reduction' in e-liquid; nor have I personally experienced any legislation that cares about vaping as a 'safer alternative'. I hope both topics perhaps will be addressed and put on the right path for those of us who switched and future smoker's to switch from analogs over to vaping. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

  11. If this gets expensive in US, people would just look for cheaper alternative elsewhere. I don't think it solves the problem but it would hurt in the long run.

  12. Sure it sucks but I have a high salary and can pay whatever for whatever. My advise, get a better job and you dont have to worry about money for something as easy as buying a vape

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