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U.S. 1 Mechanical Mod By Trinity Glass Tanks – Mike Vapes

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  1. Is there adjustment for battery rattle or different length 510s? Didn't hear you mention that in the video, and I see this ? asked a few times with no replies.. Just curious

  2. Mike, I have a question. Why would you not want to use a RTA with a mech mod? I've heard you're not supposed to do it (and in your vid you only talk about using a RDA on it), but I don't understand why… As long as the 510 is protruding, it should be ok, shouldn't it?

  3. Mike I Just watched the Trinity Glass US1 Addy/RDA (I had missed this US1 mech, I was on vacation) Wow Mike It Is Amazingly Sexy, I'm so happy to have seen this man. Incredible review of a Incredible Mech! (only bumma is I missed the train, all soldout) "US1 Pls Release Some More" lol

  4. Just brought this mech in stainless, dunno if it’s me but the button is a bit ropey/grinding on mine. For an expensive mech not that impressed. Expect it on a clone……an no mine isn’t. Every thing else is beautiful on it.

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