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Uwell Caliburn Review: This is the one.

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  1. Absolutely loving the Cali burn. I wish the nice coil in there was replaceable, but oh well. Also, one week in on a pod and it's still rocking. I've def seen a drop in flavor but the wicks still look in good shape!

  2. Amazing review. I’ve tried 90% of pod systems and I have to say, to me, this one blows them all out of the water. I’ve TRIED to like my previous choice, the Orion, but now I know, like u said, this is THE ONE.

  3. Uwell never let's me down. I feel the foot print of this device is really not much bigger than the Vladdin RE. With the manual fire button, it gives you just that much more of a hit as opposed to the draw activation. The Caliburn has not left my side since DV sent it last week. This device will be my go to. Also the pods are inexpensive compared to the RE. Every draw I take, the flavor still impresses me. Homerun Uwell.

  4. The switch to pod systems was inevitable. There's nothing more silly looking than someone ripping off a box mod and fogging up the whole block when out on a weekend night. It's just not realistic and is a pain in the ass to lug around. The juul is nice, but the flavors are terrible and the nicotine is usually too high for vapers who are used to taking more drags throughout the night. I'm going to check this one out and see if I can get the best of both worlds on the go.

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