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Uwell Crown 3 – Fixed or Flawed?

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  1. I just got my crown three and it keeps on getting flooded what am I doing wrong? I just changed the second coil that came with it I didn't prime it too much just enough to make the cotton wet in this coil is flooded too….

  2. Just bought this tank as it was recommended for its ability to give awesome flavour and because it's almost over engineered leading me to think it wouldn't leak. I was wrong!

    Using the 0.5ohm coil for a day at 70-75watts I'm finding it leaks out of the air holes. I've cleaned twice and ensured the coil is fitted correctly and all seal present. I only fill with the air holes closed and don't chain vape. The battery is always well charged. I'm exclusively using Fantasi ice and only found the flavour good for first hour. This is a useless mess!

    Do I risk investing more money for new coils and hope it was just a duff kit coil or do I have a bad tank?

  3. My crown 3 floods alot, have to clean the bottom several times a day after the coil have been used for a few days, also the coils last maybe 4-5 days before they just leak constantly and taste burned if i dont open the lid to let air in, which makes it leak even more, and its not like i vape that much compared to others, my aspire coils used to last 2-3 weeks atleast, and it also didnt leak.

    I gave it the benefit of the doubt, but after going thru 2 packs of coils, im a bit dissatisfied.

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