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Uwell Crown III Review

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  1. What is everyone using to fit this crown 3?? I bought one with high hopes and was looking forward to using it … To my surprise when I finally got it, this tank wouldnt fit my mod!!! Ive got several mods and this tank doesnt fit any of them so can anyone share what they are pairing this with????? Thanks!!

  2. this tank is garbage. you get the flavor because it's spitting hot juice in your mouth, the flavor from the coil lasts 3 days. i used it for 2 months with a pack of 0.4 and 0.25 coil. don't get me started with the leakage. it wastes shit ton of my juice.

  3. Just ordered one from our local shop. I'm pretty jacked to try it out. I think it's gonna put the beast prince to shame. The only thing I dislike is the smaller tank but I don't use a full 8ml in a day so I'm sure it'll be fine. Thanks for the low down

  4. my lady thank you for the time you spend to make reviews. May i ask if you plan on reviewing the Horizontech Falcon series? it'd be a shame not to! thank you

  5. Best coil tastewise is the 0,4 which you can vape at around 60w. Its perfect. I had several other tanks before and the crown 3 beats them all. Especially when you cape them in direct comparison to each other, it's amazing how big the difference is

  6. I'm new to vaping and have this exact tank, can someone tell me how I should dump my juice out? I want to put in a different flavor, not worried about wasting the juice (cuz I don't like it) but don't want to ruin my atomizer. Anyone?

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