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  1. Hey Mike this is your first video I've watched and I think you make a good video. I don't know if you already ended the give away but I really like the classic or the stout, I'm sold now I just have to decide between the two. Again thanks for the info good video I just subscribed and keep up the good work.

  2. been watchin other reviews and stumbled across yours. absolutely hands down the best. ive been lookin for somethin to replace my istick 50w and the stout is it. cant tell you how many weeks and hours been scouring the net and finally….thank you mike!!! btw u remind me of my brother in law but wont hold that against you

  3. +Mike Vapes Mike, does the battery's chamber door on the Stout use a hinge? It could get a little flimsy after a while. What do you think? Love from Greece. go 50k subs !! 😀

  4. I picked up the Stainless steel Stout. It's an incredible mod. Also I use the 4200 mAh MXJO batteries. They last the longest it seems. The quality of this VF line is second to none. Thanks for great video. It really helped me decide which was best for me.

  5. Do not buy any Vapor Flask products. They charge premium prices for an inferior product and offer a pathetic 3 month warranty without any flexibility. My vapor flasks battery door came away from the device and now I am unable to keep the battery in situ. $100 for 3 months of usage – complete garbage

  6. It doesn`t do 100Watts, and when the battery drains, it`s ability to push voltage drops MASSIVELY!
    Right now I have a griffin 25 plus top air on mine, dual claptons at 0.4 Ohms, set at 62.5W.
    When my battery reaches around 60%, it will no longer even give me 60 Watts, but will show "weak battery" and drop the wattage..
    When using something smaller, like a goblin mini v3, single coil at 0.6, set at 25-32W, it won`t do that, but it`s supposed to be a HUNDRED WATT DEVICE, and it just isn`t.
    I have also tried using the adapter, which I DO like that they included, but the problem doesn`t go away.
    I have tried several 26650`s and both sony vtc 4 and 5, and LG HG2 with the same results.

    If you`re a low wattage vaper and just want extra long battery life compared to a single 18650 device, I`d recommend it, it`s well built, feels good in the hand, I like the buttons, and the battery hatch, and the fact that you can use an 18650 with it as well.
    It might just be my device, but the screen cover creaks when grabbing the mod, holding a finger or two on the plastic cover, and it`s an annoyance, but I don`t know if it goes for all the stouts, but if you have OCD it`s very annoying..
    I found myself squeezing the screen cover over and over instead of using a fidget spinner when watching videos, so there`s that, lol..

    For what it`s supposed to be, I`d say don`t buy it, but I got mine on sale (around 15 bucks) so I can`t complain to much, but the lack of power and the squeaky screen are disappointments :/

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