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“Vaping is targeting teens!” | We need to talk about this.

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  1. Tbh the only real reason I know people vaping under age is to get a buzz and flavors are just a little benefit if you take away flavors it not really gonna do any thing

  2. Guys look teens are so stupid that they act like kids with cool colors and flavors. Do you think I’m that fucking stupid 🤦‍♂️. Why not let adults enjoy things. I’m 14 and I don’t vape. But really I’m not 5 i’m not going to vape because WOW LOOK STRAWBERRY AND FUN AND COOL DON’T FORGET HIP.

  3. As someone who used to vape underaged, I can give some insight to this. We don't do it for the flavour, we do it for the buzz. It's the same as teenagers in the 80s and 90s smoking cigarettes: we are stressed. Anyone I've met that vapes "only for flavor" uses either 0mg or a very low nicotine juice.

  4. Dude no they absolutely are and anyone who says they aren’t are retarded. It probably isn’t the flavors I agree but it’s because they are small, concealable, have no smoke, and there are social media sights by the e cig companies and they have ads with younger looking models. Dude it’s so obvious, look at stats to the audiences where those companies sell to

  5. some vape brands are probably targeted towards kids but I bet most of them and for adults, kids will smoke cigs they just like the fact that there is a better smell or a good flavor

  6. I am literally from India my age is 16 and I am in class11.I do only vapes (with 0mg nicotine) but my friends (age15-17) regrets the vape and smokes the cigarette so who is taking the more harm me with only vape or clean smoke / my friends who are taking cigarette smoke with tar , nicotine and a cancer so what's your point of view please comment (and I am telling my real story)

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