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Vaping linked to heart attacks & depression | Here we go…๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธ

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  1. Hey, howโ€™s it going guys?!

    So sorry for the re-upload. I feel like the original video was missing some key information and overall just wasnโ€™t up to par with the rest of our videos. When we make videos like this, we want to make sure that all information is accurate and present within the video while keeping things easy to understand.

    Again, so sorry for the re-upload and we hope you enjoy the video. โค๏ธ

  2. I call b.s on the study…this is my conclusion on my study of the university of Kansas, it is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think youโ€™re an idiot, than to open and remove all doubts.

  3. I'm from the UK. Been a drinker and smoker for 40 years.1 year ago. had a stroke. So, no more drinking or smoking. The hospital allowed me to start vaping however to minimise cravings.So for 1 year, been vaping and recovering from stroke.if only there was a vaping equivalent for drinking…oh well!

  4. the only thing that kept me from smoking are the health risks. Vaping doesnt have all the negatives of smoking so i started vaping. plus i am an adult and should be allowed to do what i want

  5. I smoked for 26 years and I had a massive heart attack last june so I switched to vaping since then my doctors say my heart function is all back to normal all test are coming back better then normal!!! Beside we never claim vaping is good for you, just that it is better for you then smoking. I believe that same study indicates that people who smoke are 195% more likely to have a heart attack so now that I vape I'm 55% likely to have a heart attack. So by switching to vaping I guess I'm 75% LESS likely to have a heart attack!! I can live with that

  6. If you're wondering why so many " studies " like this come out , it's because bad news sells better than good news. Researchers today have a monetary interest to find the results their funders want, simple as that

  7. If anything similarities of increased risk for heart attacks, depression, anxiety, etc, are not from just ecigs. If it is anything it is the nicotine that is in both cigs and ecigs. Not to mention that all the extra bs in cigs has got to lead to a higher risk of these diseases compared to ecigs.

  8. This is crazy. Alcohol and tobacco are legal and โ€œokโ€. Wtf? Alcohol destroyed my life. Sober now for 6 months. And off cigarettes thanks to vaping. Same for my husband. Picking on vaping is absurd. I agree with the others below – follow the money. Something is off here.

  9. I never smoked and i have been an athlete since i am 13 but always suffered of a dry cough or hard breathing post running or a high intensity workout….a guy told me vape and see if you get them…….well well well 3 months in and i have even got one not even one asthma or dry cough….. my health is at its best i did some medical tests lately and didnโ€™t tell my doc i vape and bahaha he said I donโ€™t know how you did it but you are healthy as fuck

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