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Vaping vs. Smoking | A misconception.

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  1. Dave, you should watch the tube doco ‘tobacco wars’ by Andrew Berndt , episode 1-3. The cig manufacturers actually knew cigs were bad for you back in the 1920s when doctors noticed a steep rise in incidence of lung cancer. But they kept on pushing them anyway and lying about them.

  2. We are vaporizing PG, VG, Nicotine and a complex misture of molecules that we call flavor (these molecules are what shoould worry us, because some are safe and others aren't that safe to vaporize). Is still a better option than smoking. And if you never smoked or vaped just don't start.

  3. I didn't smoke. I always wanted to. But I stopped myself from smoking because of how bad it is for you.

    Vaping doesn't have those chemicals and doesn't have the tar. So I started vaping.

  4. Just recently started vaping, I didn't get influenced, I didn't smoke prior (except maybe once or twice) and I can safely say it's a lot better and healthier than smoking, no doubt. I've got a smok 22 with some nice rockstar bubblegum e-liquid with no nicotine and it's really fucking nice.

  5. the dollar general near my college has this one old guy that goes out of hus way telling students vaping is worse than cigarettes.

    They did studies
    … they did studies

  6. God dammit Dave, you didn't ask us what our opinions are on this. This video ended all wrong, and now my reality is melting away like a vape cloud on some weird ultra high gravity planet.

  7. I live in the UK and our vaping laws aren’t as draconian as the US thankfully! When surveys in the US come out with results like you quote I think ‘that’s the country that put a guy like Trump into the top job’, then it all makes sense!

  8. People used to think nicotine was the bad thing in cigarettes are you fucking kidding me Indians have been eating smoking and ingesting nicotine since they were around since nicotine was around and Indians never got cancer from nicotine

  9. Im from Mexico. Here most of the people think that vaping or “e cigarettes” are worst than smoking.
    I only watch a man with another vape the other day… and he was saying that I was the first guy that he knows that vape…. it’s freaking unbelievable.
    And omg man say me that vaping is worst than cigarettes, but he was connected with an oxygen tank because of smoking………..

  10. Hey anyway you could point to a video with tips tricks that could help me quit smoking? Or make one with tips about quiting. I am having a hell of a time. And i like vaping. I just havent placed or switched completely.

    Man. And i thought quiting drinking was tough.

    Edit. : i have a real problem with even max vg juices making my throat scratchy. Imma keep trying tho. Never give up!

  11. I have been vaping for about a year-and-a-half now and I feel so much better don't have the hacking cough that comes with the cigarettes and my stamina is a lot better too and remind you I smoked for at least 15 years straight so even I feel vaping is way better than smoking just make sure you coils why not burnt

  12. When I used to work as a bagger at a local grocery chain we carried the mark 10 and vuse e-cigs and I would always tried to sway a smoker here and there to try one mostly the ones that said they wish they could quit the smoking habit

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