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VOOPOO Drag 2 & Mini Kit Review / These Mods have Fit Mode?

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  1. Zophie now a big doubt, Drag Mini has a good battery or the best would be to buy a Drag2 with external battery? In a Duel Drag2 / DragMini vs. Luxe Vaporesso used with rta which would be the best?

  2. Hey!! How do I change the “s” to “n” or “h” in wattage mode. I can’t figure it out for the life of me. Now I’m not too sure if it’s possible but that doesn’t make sense cause then why would it be there? Lol

  3. Have they pushed an update out yet that allows you to lock the wattage and still vape? I've done had 3 or 4 times on mine that has raped my throat because the wattage went up in my pocket.

  4. voopoo why did you pay for a add on Ben Phillips youtube channel,which is a childrens channel with 4 million subs,people are calling for a boycott of your products,you are sick,and you as a company you are finished,the backlash is coming,BOYCOTT voopoo,you are all sick

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