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VOOPOO TOO TC Box Mod Review / Interchangeable Panels?

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  1. best mod I own… Out of the aegis legend, (which I use when I'm outdoors with an all resin tank because it's "indestructible"), the revenger X (which is fancy looking, but can easy get scratched up if you cary it around, and this VOOPOO too. the voopoo 2 seems to hit the hardest. they are all great mods, and the difference in power is very minor. But the voopoo too is just nice..

  2. Anybody know how to switch between single and double battery mode on this kit? Just bought one and been trying for days and haven't figured it out as of yet

  3. Just bought one of these. The doors are way to loose for my liking. I'll put a large elastic band around the whole mod for now until I get something else. Not a bad little mod though.

  4. big time want to try the VooPoo too mod because I, as well, feel that the DRAG thing is retarded….I wanna win something….and it is a mid mod tank connector…yay that! Have a great day chica!

  5. I know this is an old post, but maybe someone can help? Does the Voopoo too have a bypass mode? Nothing about it in the manual, but a lot of descriptions on ze interzwebz are saying it does. I'm a confused Panda 🙁

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